Free tank monitors

Cell service is required for Otodata tank monitors to be operational.

Autofill program

Auto fill is a program that allows our drivers to keep track of your tank with a larger number of gallons when they are in your area. This service helps maximize our efficiency and minimizes your possibility of running out of fuel. Auto fill does not mean that your tank will be full at all times; rather, we will strive to provide deliveries so that you will not run out of fuel. You must have an open charge account that is in good standing.

Budget billing

Budget Billing is a program that averages your heating fuel costs over a 12 month period, and uses that average to schedule monthly payments. It is free service we offer to allow you easier management of you monthly heating expenses, and takes the guesswork out of monthly heat bill fluctuations. Budget Billing is reconciled at least once per year and adjustments may be made to your scheduled payment to void significant overages. After completing this sign-up, you will receive a contract that details the entire program.

Other services

  • Tank leases
  • Pre buy supply


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