Lawn Fertilizer & Pesticides

Bagged Fertilizer

We formulate our own blends of bagged fertilizer designed for the needs of western Montana.

Hidden Hills 25-10-10

  • Great for spring and summer applications, get your lawn off to an excellent start with a high nitrogen fertilizer
  • Use w/iron to get a deep dark green color to your lawn
  • 40lb bag covers 10,000 square feet

Hidden Hills 16-16-16

  • Great garden fertilizer, contains the Phosphorus and Potassium that garden plants need
  • Use in the fall on your lawn to promote root health and help your grass survive the long winter
  • 40lb bag covers 10,000 square feet

Hidden Hills 46-0-0

  • High nitrogen fertilizer for use on grass pastures to maximize production
  • Please note: over application can damage your grass
  • 50lb bags

Visit Agronomy to learn more about bulk fertilizer.

Fertilize Four Times Per Year

St. Patrick’s Day


Mother’s Day

25-10-10 w/iron

4th of July

25-10-10 w/iron

Labor Day



CHS Mountain West Ranch & Home carries a full line of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides to control almost any pest in any situation. From Knapweed to Quack Grass we can help you control unwanted invaders. Pine beetle problem? Let us tell you about pheromone patches to help control them.

We pride ourselves on responsible use of pesticides to help beautify properties and ensure the health of the native plant communities. Be sure to ask about Milestone from Dow, it controls a long list of weeds and is very groundwater-friendly.

We also carry a complete line of hand, backpack and ATV sprayers to assist you in the application of pesticides.


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