Commercial Fuel

Heating Oil

CHS Mountain West Co-op provides home delivery of heating oil to our customers from Darby to Flathead Lake and from Thompson Falls to Philipsburg.

With our auto fill program, you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel. We’ll keep you warm all winter long. Our budget billing program helps you financially as well, giving you one monthly payment instead of paying for each delivery. We are also the sole provider for LIEAP customers in our trade territory.

For more information about our auto fill, LIEAP Program or budget billing programs, contact the office near you.


Energy Partners, LLC, our partnership with Missoula Electric Cooperative, is the leading supplier of propane to homes, farms and businesses throughout western Montana. Visit the Energy Partners website to learn more.

Risk Management

CHS Mountain West Co-op has been offering fuel contracts and hedging programs to our customers for over 6 years. Our experienced Hedging Department spends many hours a day analyzing data to help you control your fuel costs. We have attended several conferences and seminars on fuel procurement and hedging over the years, including mock trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).


For more information on fuel contracts and hedging programs, please contact Pete VonHoltum, Certified Energy Specialist, at 406-543-8383.


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