CHS Hedging Commentary

CHS Hedging understands that our customers sleep better at night when they feel fully informed about how market activity is affecting their operations. That’s why thier research department delivers information and analysis that can make a powerful difference to your marketing strategies.

In a nutshell, they track trends, translate market information and tell you what you need to know on a timely basis. So you can relax and stay focused on the rest of your business.

What makes CHS Hedging different? For starters, nearly three decades delivering expert commodity price risk management advice. Also, as a subsidiary of CHS Inc., a diverse Fortune 100 company and the largest agricultural cooperative in the U.S., they are uniquely positioned to tap into business expertise in areas such as international markets, traditional and emerging energy products, consumer food trends, crop nutrient sourcing, transportation networks and financial services, among others.

We take pride in providing you with a combination of both market intelligence and insight, designed to help you make the right decisions for the right reasons.

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