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Just grazing and feeding hay to your cattle is not maximizing the dollars that go in your pocket at the end of the year. Through forage testing and sound research, we can tailor a ration that fulfills the complete nutritional needs of your herd. By adding a customized mineral ration, protein lick tubs and calf creep, we can boost your pounds and boost your profits. Please email Scott MacKay, our Feed Specialist, for more information.

Payback Mineral

Every product in the Payback® beef line is carefully formulated to help improve herd health, fertility and meat production.

This family of breeding herd minerals is the ultimate in cow nutrition – featuring elevated levels of copper and zinc while maintaining a proper balance. Organic trace minerals give cattle the chance to overcome antagonistic challenges from poor quality water or forages high in molybdenum, iron and/or sulfur. As with all Payback minerals, these are offered without or without selenium and are available with additives such as Bio-Mos and chlortetracycline.

Cattle Mineral
Like the Ultramin/Stockmin products, the rest of the Payback line of cattle minerals uses optimum, balanced levels of the most readily available sources of trade minerals. All are formulated with yeast to improve mineral intake and Xtra Dry® brand of weatherizer to keep the mineral from leaching or crusting.

Visit the Payback mineral website for more information.

Breeding/Calf Supplements

Every product in the Payback® beef line is carefully formulated to help improve herd health, fertility and meat production.

The Payback line includes three families of cake. 1) Breeder products feature the higher levels of trace minerals and vitamins that are needed to maximize conception rates in the cow herd. 2) Forager products provide supplemental protein, vitamins and minerals for cattle foraging corn stalks or good winter pasture. 3) Ranger products provide an economical means to supplement cattle with protein and some of the roughage they need to flourish on sparse winter pasture. Roughage Pro 52-15 is a loose protein supplement that provides excellent fortification of vitamins and minerals in a high protein package.

Bull Feeds
Developing bulls can be one of the most challenging facets of beef production. Payback bull feeds are formulated with longevity and soundness in mind while optimizing growth potential. A complete feed eliminates sorting and therefore gives you a true picture of a bull’s growth and reproductive performance.

Milk Replacers
When selecting a milk replacer, carefully consider the type and age of your calves as well as your performance goals. The Payback line offers four different milk replacers to give producers a range of choices from the most economical to the highest performance. All products utilize the highest quality ingredients and processes available to ensure maximum return on your dollar.

Creep Feeds
Payback creep feed remains the industry leader in supplemental feed for nursing calves. Utilizing the highest quality, high fiber ingredients allows CHS to guarantee 15 percent protein in our product, which optimizes structural growth. By formulating with organic trace minerals, we ensure calves are getting the most bio-available sources, keeping their immune systems operating at full potential.

Organic Feeds
We offer Payback organic calf starter, texturized with rolled organic corn, in 50-pound bags for young heifers, bulls and dairy beef calves.

Visit the Payback beef feeds website for more information.

SmartLic Protein Tubs

Visit the SmartLic website to learn more about protein tub supplements, including detailed feeding applications and product recommendations.

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