Bagged Fertilizer

We formulate our own blends of bagged fertilizer designed for the needs of western Montana.

Hidden Hills 25-10-10

  • Great for spring and summer applications, get your lawn off to an excellent start with a high nitrogen fertilizer
  • Use w/iron to get a deep dark green color to your lawn
  • 40lb bag covers 10,000 square feet

Hidden Hills 16-16-16

  • Great garden fertilizer, contains the Phosphorus and Potassium that garden plants need
  • Use in the fall on your lawn to promote root health and help your grass survive the long winter
  • 40lb bag covers 10,000 square feet

Hidden Hills 46-0-0

  • High nitrogen fertilizer for use on grass pastures to maximize production
  • Please note: over application can damage your grass
  • 50lb bags

Visit Agronomy to learn more about bulk fertilizer.


Fertilize Four Times Per Year

St. Patrick’s Day


Mother’s Day

25-10-10 w/iron

4th of July

25-10-10 w/iron

Labor Day




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